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Sunday, May 6, 2018


workin' the sexy sexy !

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


So I was in my car.   The music was pumpin'.  I was jammin' to something.   Maybe it was  hip hop. Actually I think it was salsa. I love salsa music old and new.  I know it definitely wasn't country.  Yes I like me some country as well, but I was workin' it too hard for that genre.

Anyway I was in my own little world, on tour, live on my car.

Who don't get a little carried away when the adrenaline music is pumping and you are late to meet up with the only sister that has money to lend you.

You have to hurry because you're meeting her at a mall; A mall where if you're not on time, that fifty bucks she "SAID" she would lend you quickly becomes ten and you'd be lucky if there's some change with that.

Rule number one never meet a person with a spending problem at a mall if they're lending you money and that's the only money they brought with them.

Anyway !  As I was flying down the hill I just happened to take an intermission from my concert to look at  the speedometer. Whaaat ! 100 Miles per hour !  I thought It would be appropriate to slow down AFTER seeing the police car parked on the side of the freeway.

"Oh shit ! That little booger is just waiting for someone to snatch up,"  I thought to myself as I slowed down to a innocent 65 mph.

"Don't pull onto the freeway. Don't pull onto the freeway!" I pleaded.

"Fuck ! He pulled onto the freeway !"

"O.K don't get behind me. Don't get behind me !"

""Fuck! He's behind me !"

"Please don't flash..."

Before I could get the sentence out, the lights flashed.  And to make it even more embarrassing, he used the microphone to guide me off the road. OH HELL NO !

 I think I know how to pull off the freeway properly.   But just in case I didn't, he had to announce it to all of Northern California.

I was a little nervous because, well, he's a cop! There's something about being in the presence of an authority figure when you know you did wrong.  It's kind of like getting caught with your hand in the cooking jar. And besides; there are dicks in uniforms and then there are some really nice cops.  My fate pretty much relied on what came out of dude's mouth.

He walked up to the car.

He was a tall, well built, Latino .

O.K. He was cute.  But his hotness was the last thing on my mind.

 Aright already ! I was cheking him out ! Jeez !

"Do you know why I stopped you?"

I always hated that question.  It just seems like the most condescending assault on someone's intelligence you could say.  But he's the cop.  I'm, well, I'm just a pee on. I could have used a slightly snide remark that probably would have ended the stop with a ticket but I put my humble halo on.

"I'm sorry sir,  I really didn't realize how fast I was going until I looked at my speed," I said most humbly.  Hell, I think I might have even batted my eyes.  The halo was definitely getting brighter.

"Are you under the influence of any substances?"

"No sir."


"No sir."

"How about  marijuana," He asked.

"Oh definitely not sir!" I said.

I believe I was pretty close to earning my wings.

Then he asked for my ID and went to his car to run his info on me.  I Just knew I would have to pay some astronomical fine for going 100 mpr. He looked at me and said,"I'm going to give you a warning this time.  But slow it down.  I know its easy to haul ass down this hill but just be more careful with your driving."

Talking about a relief !

I Think I said,"Thank you sir," about 20 times.

"Take care and be safe." he said.

"I will sir, and thank you again!"

As I drove off I waved and said "thank you"again.

So I guess not all cops are meanies. There are some cool ones left in this world.

Thank you Mr. Officer!  My ass is staying in the "slow as molasses" lane !

Thursday, April 19, 2018


Today's post with the most goes to the blog I LOVE BANANAS .  The sexiness drips with his post MALE STATUE.

Check out even more sexiness with more sexy men from his blog.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


It was January 2, 2018 on a Tuesday.  Andre just got home from being out of town.
He spent the Christmas and New Years holidays with his family and now, he's glad to finally be home.

He looked at the clock. The clock just turned 1:25pm in the afternoon.  He arrived home a lot earlier than he expected.

He let out a sigh of relief as he released the luggage from his shoulder and stretched his arms and legs.  He suspected that he was alone after Terrance, his roommate and ex boyfriend, told him that he was going to be out of town as well.

Just to be safe, Andre yelled,"Terrance!"

There was no response.

"Terrance! Are you here?" He yelled again.

Finally, he had the place all to himself.

First thing he did was kick off his shoes.  Then he stripped down to his boxers and tee shirt and grabbed a beer out of the fridge.  It had been a long time since he lounged in "guy shorts."

Because he was now in a semi relationship with Bill, he stopped walking around in his undies because Terrance always tried to seduce him.  Finally he was able to relax in the privacy of his home without the interruption or stalking of Terrance.

He grabbed his beer, flopped on the couch and turned on the T.V.  which he quickly turned off after discovering his disdain for afternoon court shows, and Jerry Springer copycats.

"Yuck!" He said as he tossed the remote on the couch.

Andre snatched his beer and took a long gulp.  After finishing his beer,  he went in the backyard to water his plants.  Other than an occasional cool breeze; the weather was not very cold for the month of January.

Andre loved the feeling of being in his boxers outside.  Even though he was in his own backyard, he felt the rush of the possibility of being seen.  He felt himself getting aroused of the thought of exhibiting himself for anyone who would want to watch.  The mixture of the cool breeze blowing between his legs mixed with the warmth of the sun was definitely adding to his arousal.

Now fully erect, he decided to go back inside.  As soon as he closed the sliding door he took off everything and walked to his bedroom.  He laid face down as he reached for his pillow.  He had a special pillow he used just for when he was horny, alone and wanted to bust all over himself.

He retrieved his pillow, placed it underneath him and began to grind his hard cock leaving a thick dent every time he pumped.  He loved fucking his jizz pillow almost as much as fucking another dude.  

He pumped and pumped.  Just when he got close, the phone rang.

"Fuck!" He yelled frustrated.

He got up and picked up the phone.


"Hey how's it going?" Bill said on the other line.

Quickly Andre's scowl turned into a big smile.

"I'm fine and you?"

"I'm great! I was just thinking about you," Bill replied.

"So what are you up to?" Bill asked.

Andre loves to pleasure himself, he's highly sexual and has an exhibitionist streak in him.  But he still found himself blushing when asked that question.  Andre was always considered the shy one of the group.

"Uhh, nothing much." he replied.

"And yourself?" Andre asked.

There was a long pause on the line.

Andre asked,"Are you still there?

"Yeah, I'm here. I'm sorry for the delay. I'm trying to figure out a good answer to your question."

Andre laughed,"Well how hard of a question is it?"

"Well actually it's really hard right now," Bill said mischievously.

"I don't get it," Andre exclaimed.


There was a dead pause.

"You asked me what I was doing."

He paused again. 

"Thinking of you." Bill replied.

By now Andre finally got a clue as to what he was getting at but he was too unsure to ask him specifically and he definitely wasn't going to expose what he was doing when Bill called him .  So he cautiously asked,"So what were you thinking about?"

Bill laughed. "If you only knew!"

"I think I do!" Andre responded.

(To be continued)

Saturday, December 23, 2017


No trees dressed with colorful bulbs.  No silver or gold trimming.  No singing of Christmas carols.

Once the lyrics sang,"It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas," as it blared loud through the stores of shopping malls. 

In the Greene household, however, you'd be lucky to see anything with red and green in it.  This year I have decided not to even worry about Christmas. 

Now before someone has the audacity to call me a scrooge, ( in which, Frankly My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn.....................AAAAAHHH the joys of getting older. Who says there's no fun past forty blah blah blah???) let me say that Boss has a lot on his plate with the death of a relative, and being sick for two weeks took a bite out of his paycheck.  Even before that, we both silently agreed that this year is not going to be a gimme/give you Christmas. 

Mom sent me a Christmas card.  I didn't receive anything from Dad nor did I send anything to him or mom for that matter. (Yes Dad loves the hell out of me but I am the spitting image of my dad. I can go through Christmas, birthdays and every other holiday and finally be like, 'Oh is it New Years yet," in June.  We're dudes. What do you expect!) Besides, after Boss gave me his Bubonic Plague  I didn't even want to get out of bed yet alone go card shopping.

Now I've never been a big holiday kind of guy, but the most important thing is that all my family, friends and blog buddies know I love you all and whatever you do this holiday, whether it's going to parties or doing absolutely nothing; encourage someone with a phone call.  Let them know you are thinking about them.  Even if you don't celebrate Christmas still just pick up the phone and say, "Hi. I was thinking about you."  Because as colorful and "Ho! Ho! Ho!" as the holidays may be; there is always someone struggling with the stress of bill collectors (because those bitches love this  time of year!) and financial woes.  Often people get down because they think of times they had with loved ones that aren't here anymore.  And then there is depression and so much more.

And though I avoid holidays like the plague Boss infected me with; I still HAVE to tell my friends and loved ones I love them because I'm telling you....This time of year can be a bitch.

So no "Ho! Ho! Ho!" for you today (unless you happen to be on Scruff searching for them.)

And know that I wish you well for the rest of the year and for the year to come.

                                                                                    With Sincere Love
                                                                                     Your Sex Guru :-)


My weakness has always been a man with an incredible smile... the bulge in his shorts helps a lot also.

Thursday, December 21, 2017



When it's good.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Friday, December 15, 2017


O.K. let's do this..... I have a few man crushes.  

It's rare that I would actually point out who they are. 
The only man crush I have yet to admit to publicly on this blog was on one of my most viewed posts SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO MY PLAY BUDDIES and CHRONICLES OF A SCRUFFY BLACK GUY : MY FIRST WRITING . And even though he no longer blogs, I still go back and revisit his stories from time to time.

Well; Just recently I was visiting another crush of mine.

If you don't know Tomass Hawkke I suggest get to know him. Amazing blog! 

But back to my story. LOL

I was visiting this sexy man's blog when it dawned on me;
I've seen this man with his pants down, bent over showing the world, and fully erect in all IT's glory. But I don't ever recall seeing him in a pair of underwear.

I couldn't help but to be nosy and ask. 

Now, I run an erotic art blog. And most if not all my blog buddies are into like minded activities.  Sometimes even though we are on the same page, you never want to freak someone out with a weird question like,"Do you wear underwear?"

Though that is totally acceptable here you don't want to ask that at the dinner table of a company party. LOL

Well I got my answer. 

He only wears long johns when its cold other than that nothing at all.

For some reason my mancrush just got even sexier! LOL

For me I hardly ever freeball. I feel like I MUST have underwear on.

 I usually wear black boxer briefs or regular boxers.  

And anyone who knows me knows I love a guy in TIGHTY WHITEYS


I find a guy who goes free very sexy.  I't a serious turn on to see a guy packing in some tight jeans or better yet swinging in some sweats or sexy jean overalls.

So what about you?? Drawers or no drawers ?  What about for other people? What turns you on?

Monday, December 11, 2017


I have so much work to do.  So many projects in my head and yet I still have unfinished concepts.  

It sometimes feel like I'm going to burst open.  I have projects such as 365 EROTIC THOUGHTS  AND PRETTY BROWN BROWN WEEK . Not to mention my website I'm working on. And there is so much more.  But I know the writer in me is screaming for attention.  So instead of feeling obligated to creating a post for 365 days I decided to make my 365 EROTIC THOUGHTS project into a blog on Tumblr.  You can check it out here 

You will find excerpts, poems and stories and an occasional hot guy or two.  And best yet it is also an open conversation on Tumblr where you can ask me anything.  So cum and check it out.

But for now. 

keep it cummin' !



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Thursday, December 7, 2017



I hear a lot of talk about make up sex. A lot of people call it angry sex.  You see that shit a lot in the movies. The girl gets pissed off at the guy. They start yelling and fussing and then the next scene; they're banging each others brains out.

Make up sex : My take on it................ BULLSHIT!

You can best believe that after Boss and I get in a fight, the last thing I want to do is get in his pants. I'm still in the "wring your neck" stage.  I don't doubt that people do engage in "angry sex" but even if you guys fuck your brains out, you still have that nagging thought of an unsettled issue. And besides who wants someone touching them when they are cooling down. "You called me a Son of a bitch and now you expect me to give it up because you want a piece ????? BITCH PLEASE ! "

Hey but to each is own.

What about you?
Make up sex or Don't touch me right now ???

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Usually I post images only I take to post here, but today I want to share some work of a fellow photographer whose work is known by the name Suntown Photography.

Suntown Photography has been doing Male Image photography since the mid 1980s.  His work has been published in the UK,USA Germany and Holland. check him out at ONLYFANS.COM/SUNTOWNPHOTO .

Sunday, December 3, 2017


There is so much I see. There is so much I think about.  
As an artist I know the importance of recording one's thoughts and using them later to create an expression.  I have said this before; We are all artists. We just have different ways of expressing our art. The laborer in the yard cutting grass, the boys and girls on the playground, the person wacthing this all take place is art.  

I often complained that I wish I could draw, I wish I was talented like a favorite singer etc. 
My best friend who doesn't write, sing, know photography or anything that is considered artistic is an artist and doesn't even know it.

I'm a voyeur.........Not in a creepy "Peeping Tom kind of way"( Although I love to watch when someone would let me.) I mean I love to sit back and explore other people's everyday lives. I can spend hours just watching people as they go by.  The dude in the car picking in his nose that thinks no one is watching; the old couple that has been married for decades holding hands; its all part of the process of creativity. 

The funny thing is there are people watching me watch people, which makes me the subject while making others the subject. 

The difference between me, a person who identifies as an artist and a regular Joe on the street is that when I photograph something or when I hear something profound that is spoken by someone,  I write it down.

I have thousands and thousands of images that have never been published.  A lot of them may be pictures that I think are crappy but then later on; maybe years later or even decades, I may run over them and the light bulb may go off and come up with a concept that may go excellent with that picture that decades before I though was a reject.  I have note books and tablets of ideas, concepts and things people said that stuck with me from years and years ago that I use to this day.

The morale of this story:  Save it ! You never know when you will use it for creativity that will inspire other artists.

Friday, December 1, 2017



This month will be I LOVE SEAMEN a tribute to sexy sailors.

Cast your nets and enjoy.

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